Skin Tightening

This treatment is for all skin types


damaged Skin with
our MesoCIT Treatment

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How it Works

Put the active Anti Aging ingredients into the bottle and pat the Micro needles on the treatment area 30-50 times

  • Cleaning

    Fill the bottle with your Ingredients you want to treat the area

  • Tap your Face

    Neck, Chest or Hands

  • Let it dry

    Rest for 15-20 Min.


in quick & painless treatment at a Professional or at Home

If you have filled your serum/essence of your choice depends on your skin needs into the glass bottle, be patient, you may need to tap it app. 10-20 times until the serum comes out. Use a thin serum. Recommended Serums are sterile Hyaluronic, Mesotherapy cocktails (is a blend of ingredients), customized products. Recommended once a month


Improve your Skin quality

This is a fantastic facial treatment and gives your Skin a a boost!

  • Better appearance and Skin smoothing with no downtime
  • Use ingredients of your choice.
  • Give your Skin a treat

Beauty of Aesthetic


  • Quick and simple effective treatment
  • No anesthetic necessary
  • For Professionals and Home use


in quick & painless treatment



Collagen Induction Treatment